5 Ways To Spend Less Time On Your Phone


Group of friends at a restaurant with all people on the table occupied with cellphones

Some People may think that discussing about ways to spend less time on your phone is not important, in reality, spending less time on your it can mean reclaiming your real life back. Before I share with you the following recommended tips below, let me share this recent experience with you to really bring this phone addiction topic to the heart. Last week I took a temecula limousine to the airport and during the whole trip I kept hearing the classic text notification tone. At first, I though it was my iPhone, but it was the limousine driver. I couldn’t believe the fact that he was texting while driving me. I don’t know if they were personal or business texts but it was clear that this guy is someone who dedicates all his time and life to his phone.

1. Make a Conscious Tech-use Assessment:

Try to use Apps and software to track your daily phone usage. Without a conscious tech-use assessment, it could be very difficult for you to know if you are over using your phone and need to make immediate changes. Download and install the Moment App to give you a daily report of how much time you have spent on your it. This will help you make the necessary adjustment.

2. No Phone’s at Table Rule:

You do not need your phone during breakfast, lunch or dinner. It is contrary to the traditional Table Manners. If you do not chat, ping or browse when you are at the table either alone or with company, it helps you reduce the amount of time you spend on your phone.

3. Don’t take your Phone to Bed:

You do not need your phone in the dreamland. If you actually need one eventually, it won’t be the one you are using in the real world. There is no need to take your phone to bed. Taking it to bed will only deepen your addiction and ensure that you deprive yourself of quality sleep. When you are about to sleep, seize the opportunity to charge it. Your body needs sleep, the phone also needs to sleep. It is a win/win situation.

4. Do not use your Phone to set reminders:

A great percentage of Phone users make this mistake. They set reminders for meetings, for gym, for lunch, for dinner, for time to sleep and they end up using it as an alarm clock. This would only ensure that you are always using the phone. Aside the reminders, you stand the risk of being drawn to other unnecessary activities when you are always having to press your phone. Such activities may include reading promotional text messages that contain links to websites that will expose you to content that would only waste more of your time and offer you nothing substantial in return. If you do not use your it to set reminders then you are on a steady path to winning the war against the addiction.

5. Take Tech Breaks:

Schedule a time for yourself in a day when you only use your phone to make calls only and nothing more. No Facebook, No Twitter, No Instagram, Youtube, Flickr, etc. or Internet searches whatsoever. To be honest, you do not need your phone when you are in the toilet, when you are bathing, when you are doing laundry or dishes. Taking a Tech break won’t be harmful anyway.

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How To Start Your Own Blog

 Blog concept

Blog Now – Ask Me How!

Do you just love hair extensions? Are you on an awesome volleyball team and you just have to share your pictures and memories with everyone who is not lucky enough to be on said volleyball team? What about breakfast cereals or graphic T-shirts? Everyone has something they’re passionate about and that’s what makes blogs great – you can express yourself and find other, like-minded people who appreciate your take on 1980’s toy commercials.


Starting a blog has a few steps. You’ll have to take in to account the fact that not all blogs are free and see what you can budget for if you want a pay site. You’ll also need to look for one that will let you monetize your blog with ads if your ultimate goal is make your blog your job. However you do it, first thing’s first- find a site to host it.

Higher Standards

Some sites that started off free are no longer gratis and now require that you pay if you want any features or themes to your blog. Word Press, for example, used to be a very simple, free site but has since grown up and is now way too sophisticated for that freebie nonsense. You can use Word Press for free, but your blog will stay blah. For access to themes, widgets and uploads, you’ll have to pay an annual fee. Same with Blogger, a site I also remember was free back in the good old days of early internet. Sigh.

Tumblr Alternative

If you absolutely must have a free site, you can’t go wrong with Tumblr. Tumblr will let you upload videos, photos and audio along with your written entries for no fee whatsoever and has a lot of great themes to choose from at no charge. Keep in mind, you can’t monetize a Tumblr blog, so this will be a just-for-fun project. You can use a free, ad-less blog to build a following, but if you want to make money this is not the place.

Now that you’ve chosen a theme and a font color, you need to keep one very important thing in mind – your blog MUST be specific. Blogs cater to a niche audience, so trying to appeal to everyone will leave you with no one. You’ll be internet dust. So make it very specific to a subject, time and place. For example, Sleepy Puppies on People Beds is a much more effective blog topic than Pets.

Start Now

Once you’re set up it’s time to blog, blog, blog! Update your posts as often as you can. You may want to give readers a little teaser at the end of each post about what’s coming up next to keep them checking your site. Most importantly, enjoy it. Blogging is all about self-expression and celebrating the thing that make you unique.

If your still thirsty for more, I would definitely start with this awesome tutorial below. Check it out!